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Tips on How to Get the Best Name Tags for your Event

When planning for an event, you should ensure you factor in name tags. This is what makes it easier for people to approach each other. It is easier for people to talk when they are on a first name basis. You need to choose these name tags easily. You can therefore pay attention to certain criteria to make sure they come out right.

You need to make name tags that are easy to wear. They should not leave the clothes of the wearer spoilt. The best for this are the lanyards, clips and magnetic variety.

They should be easy to read. Do not go with complicated fonts, or poor character spacing. Anyone should be able to read them standing at a decent distance. The font size should also be chosen well. Squinting in the direction of the name tag tends to offend the bearer.

The design of the tag’s face should be clean. Overcrowding it with too many details takes away from its purpose. It is necessary to put two names and the organization a person represents, only.

You can then pout the person’s social media handle. This works well in these modern times. This is ideal for when people wish to exchange those details hassle free.

You cannot afford to have spelling mistakes on the name tag. You should ask the guests to write their names on the RSVP tickets, so that you can capture the right name spellings. You will thus have avoided getting anyone crossed if they had seen a misspelt name.

You can then take steps to represent your brand on the name tags. You have the choice of putting the company logo, or of using the company colors on it.
The name tag should be adjustable. There are bodily differences among people who shall be in attendance, which necessitates such a move.

You also need provisions for printing a few name tags on site for those who walk in late or accept your invitation at the last minute. You cannot afford to have an event where some people are walking around with name tags that were handwritten in a hurry.
The back face of the name tag can also come in handy, where you include the schedule of activities of the event on it. You will thus have a way of keeping your guests organized.

You need to then check the quality of the material used to make the tags. It is not a wise decision to settle for the thin paper ones. Those are susceptible to spoiling rather easily. If possible, get ones that are made out of hard vinyl or plastic. Those will last longer.

Custom made name tags are the best choice. Having them made just as you wish is the best way to end up with what you need.